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Harness the power of AI to transform complex SEC filings into actionable financial intelligence.
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Revolutionize your SEC data analysis.

We embrace cutting-edge AI to transform filing insights. We currently transform 10-Ks, 10-Qs, and 8-Ks into critical insights, with support for more filing types coming soon.

  • Real-time structured insights from unstructured filing data using AI
  • Instant access to latest market intelligence
  • Reduced manual work
Example Insights for Company X 10-K filing (Fiscal Year 2024):
- "Company X's gross profit margin saw a notable increase of 22% this year, surpassing sector benchmarks due to improved operational efficiencies and cost management."

- "Investment in customer acquisition strategies paid off, with a 40% rise in new customer sign-ups, highlighting Company X's growing market presence."

- "Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA) rose by 15%, a testament to Company X's robust profitability and cash flow management."

- "Liquidity ratios improved, with a current ratio of 3:1, showcasing Company X's ability to cover short-term obligations and maintain a healthy cash reserve."

- "Company X's latest product launch has exceeded expectations, capturing a 25% market share within the first quarter, signaling strong consumer adoption and market fit."
Example Insights for Company X 10-K filing (Fiscal Year 2024):

- "Company X's net revenue soared by 18% this fiscal year,
  surpassing industry norms with strategic market and
  product line expansions."

- "R&D spending rose 30%, showing commitment to innovation
  and growth, focusing on AI and renewable energy tech."
- "Operational costs were cut by 10%, showing enhanced
  efficiency from optimized processes and advanced
  automation integration."

- "Debt-to-equity ratio hit a five-year low at 0.4,
  indicating a stronger balance sheet and better financial

- "Company X plans to double its cloud computing share via
  strategic acquisition, challenging top tech industry
AI-driven insights

Democratizing Access to SEC Filings

TheSEC.AI provides real-time monitoring and analysis of SEC filings tailored for retail investors.

  • Not for hedge funds - TheSEC.AI is designed to level the playing field for everyday investors, not serve proprietary hedge funds with an army of analysts.
  • Not for investment banks - TheSEC.AI aims to provide individual investors the same timely data previously only available to investment banks.
  • Not for mutual funds - TheSEC.AI gives small investors the same SEC insights that mutual fund managers use to make investment decisions.
  • Not for pensions/endowments - TheSEC.AI helps self-directed individuals actively manage their own money, rather than rely on institutional fund managers.
  • Not for family offices - TheSEC.AI empowers the retail investor to analyze SEC filings, instead of exclusive multi-family offices.
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